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Our animals suffer the health hazards of modern living exactly the same as we do.
Poor nutrition, stress, pollution and unhealthy lifestyles lead to many conditions and illnesses that are much the same as those experienced by us.

Emotional and psychological problems such as anxiety, depression and behavioural problems are just as prevalent in pets as they are in their owners. Physical ailments such as diabetes, chronic fatigue, arthritis, digestive disorders, cystitis, obesity, kidney and liver disease, skin disorders, thyroid dysfunction and other problems are becoming more common in domesticated animals. Animals are just as sensitive to their surroundings and the emotional state of people they live with as we humans are.

Many of these conditions can be prevented by helping your pets to live a healthier lifestyle. This can be achieved and maintained with a combination of lifestyle changes and an holistic approach to healing.

Reiki can help pets that are suffering from existing conditions immensely, and assist those that don't have a condition remain well balanced both physically and emotionally.

Animal treatments are given in much the same way as a human treatment. Animals however are more accepting of Reiki and require far less time to process the benefits of the energy

Treatment can be provided either in my treatment room or at the animals’ home.
For animals it is often best to be treated in familiar surroundings so as not to upset there very delicate senses.

Treatment from £10.00

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