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Whilst it is often claimed that Reiki healing has been practised though millenia, by many of the ancient cultures on earth, including ancient India and Tibet the 'Traditional Reiki Story' is of it's re-discovery by Dr Usui during the late 1800s

The story begins in the mid-1800s with Dr Mikao Usui, then Principal of a Christian College in Kyoto Japan. Dr Usui, also a Christan Minister, was challenged by his students about the veracity of the healing miracles described in the Bible, and asked to explain how they were performed. Because he could not answer these questions he set out on a quest for this lost knowledge.He travelled for many years and his quest took him to The University of Chicago Divinity School in the United States, where he studied for and was awarded, a doctorate in Theology. Even then he still could not explain the healing miracles so he continued his search back in the Far East, studying in Buddhist monasteries. He then decided to make a Spiritual Pilgrimage to Mt.Kurama to fast and meditate for 21 days.

On the 21st day he was struck by a bright projectile of light that progressed towards him, striking him between the eyes and causing him to lose conciousness for some time. During this time Dr Usui saw visions of the Reiki symbols. As he saw each symbol he became attuned and he received knowledge about the names of each one & how to use them.

Dr Usui made his way down the mountain and back to the monastery where he had been staying. As he did so four events confirmed that he had received the healing gift he'd sought for so long:

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